Not long ago, a highly successful business leader approached Phil, and asked him the question, “How did you do it Phil? How did you jump off the cliff?” Phil responded, “The first time I was pushed and survived. The second time I jumped because it was the right thing to do.” From experiencing homelessness and working minimum wage jobs to coaching Fortune 500 executives and closing multi-million dollar deals, it is safe to say that life has given Phil the opportunity to run the gamut of success. He’s a business owner, entrepreneur, international speaker, talk show host, educator, master trainer, community leader, and a family man. Throughout these successes, Phil has continued to remain true to being a servant leader in all areas, especially in helping individuals, teams and youth grow and develop.

Phil’s first encounter with personal and team development in conjunction with Dale Carnegie Training was over twenty-five years ago when he took part in the Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Communication and Human Relations. Throughout the program, Phil felt as though light bulbs were going off left and right in his mind as he learned Mr. Carnegie’s principles and practices on how to develop oneself and others. Upon completion of the program, Phil made to commitment to become an instructor.  Yet, it didn’t stop there!  He has focused on creating a life of serving others by teaching programs at every level of education, becoming one of the top ten trainers in the world for Dale Carnegie, then a Master Trainer, Partner, and eventual owner of Dale Carnegie Training offered by Ralph Nichols Group, Inc.; which has offered Dale Carnegie Training in Michigan for over 50 years. Under the umbrella of personal and team development, Phil and his colleagues help others improve in the areas of communication, self-confidence, human relations, public speaking, leadership, and sales.

Prior to joining the Ralph Nichols Group, Inc., Phil was an expert in information technology and focused on bringing Michigan educational institutions into the information age. Through his professional endeavors, Phil realized that the time to develop youth and intertwine business and education is needed now more than ever!

Phil holds a master’s degree in administration from Central Michigan University and a bachelor’s degree in advertising and communication from Michigan State University. He has held sales and leadership positions at IBM and Entre Computer Services. Phil has also served as a keynote speaker for countless organizations in Michigan and throughout the world. Phil resides in Southern Michigan with his wife Angie and their two children Xavier and Amanda.