Dale Carnegie Graduate – “Inspire People To Be Inspired”

By Mike Moseley, PhD

“Class, the person you have selected to receive the Highest Award for Achievement is the person whom you would take with you to talk with your company president. This person represents the virtues of the Dale Carnegie philosophy… professional, personable, articulate, poised, enthusiastic, shows leadership and understands the value of people to an organization. Tonight you have chosen… Mike Moseley, aka Mose.” I was stunned to hear these words from our Instructor, Lou Achille, which set me on a trajectory I am still following today.

You see, in one of my early performance appraisals at my company, my boss told me, “Mose, technically you are very good. However, your co-workers have labeled you a ‘biological irritant’.”

“A what,” I said.
“Well, have you ever had a splinter under your fingernail?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“So, what happens if you don’t take care of it?” was his next question.

“It becomes infected and painful and the splinter must eventually be removed for relief.” I stated.

“Congratulations, you have described yourself as others see you.” he said.

“OMG, what can I do? Is there hope?” I lamented. He recommended a group effectiveness class to be followed by the Dale Carnegie Course. I took his advice over the next year, completing both courses.

As I sat in my chair the evening of Carnegie graduation, with a backdrop of being called a “biological irritant” still echoing in my brain, I was surprised, to say the least, when the class voted me as the recipient for Highest Award for Achievement. This award was not about education, looks, or athletic ability. No… it was about heart and the desire to connect with people. Furthermore, Lou took me aside and said, “Mose, I see in you a desire to make a difference with people, your class sees in you a “real people” person. So, please consider becoming a Dale Carnegie Instructor. You will be a natural. We need people like you in our organization.” I was honored and deeply moved as never before had I had people really, truly believe in me.

For the last 25+ years, I have been using what I have learned as a Dale Carnegie Instructor to teach Dale courses, church classes for youth and adults, mentor colleagues for personal/professional development and am a frequent invited speaker at colleges/universities to talk with students and faculty on how to be successful and lead workshops on interviewing skills. This all has happened because people saw something in me, told me what they saw and believed in me. I am still paying it forward.

Today, I ask you to inspire people to be inspired about themselves and their potential. You can and will make a difference.

Your words and actions can have a tremendous positive impact… one person at a time.

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