Phil is a servant leader for personal development. Coupled with his Dale Carnegie Training experience, Phil’s mission as a servant leader is to:

    • Help you cut through the personal development clutter
    • Offer you a centralized location of real life, real application, real leadership and real personal development information
    • Get you on a path to unlimited success


Charlie Green

Social Capitalist

Phil has a passion for helping people of all ages learn how to turn the most challenging thing in our life, people, into the biggest asset of our lives - meaningful relationships.

Tim Lynch

Regional Vice President / Insurance

What you will find by the end of the Dale Carnegie Course is that you have gained far more than you ever expected, which are sustainable lifetime human relations skills used everyday.

Jeremy Mourey

Corporate Operations Director/Principal / Food Service

I am a result of Phil Zeller's endless and tireless development. I was searching for the same enthusiasm that Phil has for myself. Through my classes and experiences with Phil, I was able to achieve it!

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